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Coding Rooms Course: Best Practices for Coding Instruction

What are the best practices for training coders at all levels, from "Hello World!" to re-skilling seasoned devs? We share knowhow and tips that you can put to work right away with your learners.

June 1, 2022
Harris Salat

Welcome to our new Coding Rooms course series! Today we’re introducing the first of four online courses we created to help you supercharge your coding training with our platform.

Okay, let's start by drilling down to pedagogical bedrock: What are best practices for training coders at all levels, from "Hello World!" to re-skilling seasoned devs?

We turn to education innovator Barak Rosenshine's seminal Principles of Instruction for inspiration. Rosenshine's key principles directly apply to coding instruction, best practices you can put to work with Coding Rooms: 

Questioning Coding Rooms provides an extensive range of questioning methods to engage learners and give them opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned, from Parsons to code select to free response.

Checking understanding Our platform gives instructors tools like multi-learners monitoring and our Lightning Grader to gauge learners’ progress and understanding, and provide feedback – all in real time.

Modeling Using Coding Rooms' presentation mode, instructors can provide a step-by-step demonstration of how to perform a task or solve a problem in a live environment. Learners can view that, as well their own work, side-by side in the same browser window.

Scaffolding A set of cognitive supports to develop expertise, scaffolding is a key building block of Coding Rooms. In fact, not only does our application increase scaffolding but it gives you the power to customize the scaffolding you provide to different learners.

Guiding learner practice Our platform enables you to guide, question and monitor learners’ progress, so you can zero-in on their activity, correct errors and build confidence, all in real time.

Independent practice Coding Rooms is designed to give learners plenty of independent practice that you can monitor in real time. And learners can move through a series of lessons at their own pace, asynchronously.

Chunking Coding Rooms enables you to design your lessons as a series of small steps (“chunks”) that allow learners to make steady progress, while ensuring you can assess their work quickly and accurately.

Reviewing Our platform offers both manual and auto grading features to give learners feedback instantly, to help fill in any gaps in their knowledge and understanding.

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Harris Salat
Harris Salat
June 1, 2022

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