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Case Studies

Flipped Learning Model at Scale

“We’re implementing Coding Rooms as a platform for apprentices’ asynchronous study, using videos on the platform to introduce new concepts, multiple-choice questions to make sure they understand the material, and an embedded IDE to practice coding. Coaches observe the data and monitor progress.”

Laurel Staab
Senior Learning Designer
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Jumpstarting Coding Instruction

“With Coding Rooms, learners can immediately jump in, put their hands on the keyboard, and start coding. It's a platform that provides all the tools necessary for a brand new learner to begin coding, without having to install third party applications on their computer.”

Mike Roberts
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Workshop-based Coding Instruction

“Instructors can work with the actual code to demonstrate their lessons, while learners can follow along. You don’t have to have multiple applications running at the same time.”

Brooke Walters
Academic STEM Learning Consultant
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