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Jumpstarting Coding Instruction

Coding Rooms <> Creating Coding Careers

"Coding Rooms gives learners a place to land and get coding right away."
Jumpstarting Coding Instruction

Veteran software engineer Mike Roberts founded Creating Coding Careers with a laser-focused vision: To help people from communities underrepresented in the tech industry learn vital skills to pursue a career in the field.

How? By trading traditional schooling for a roll-up-your-sleeves, dive-right-into-it apprenticeship, where learners work on real-world projects for real-world clients. And after just one year, they’re ready to jump into the job market. 

Mike is achieving this out-of-the-box approach by implementing a learning platform as innovative as his curriculum, Coding Rooms. 

Brand New Learners 

“With Coding Rooms, learners can immediately jump in, put their hands on the keyboard, and start coding,” says Mike. “It's a platform that provides all the tools necessary for a brand new learner to begin coding, without having to install third party applications on their computer.” 

Coding Rooms is also helping Creating Coding Careers push the boundaries of the entire arc of coding education. 

For example, once learners study new material on their own before a class, they’ll take a quiz to participate in that class. The quiz acts as the gatekeeper mechanism, proving learners did the preparatory work – and maximizing the efficiency of instruction. “These kinds of things are baked into Coding Rooms,” says Mike.

Expanding Instruction Automation

As Mike and his team expand automation in their instruction, they plan to move more learning activities to the Coding Rooms platform, and use it to track progress and mine analytics about learner performance. 

“As we optimize learning, we can use feedback mechanisms to shorten the amount of time it takes students to learn a particular piece of material,” explains Mike. “We can give them an assessment upfront, and automatically toggle on and off certain parts of the curriculum in Coding Rooms that learners need to go through.” So the curriculum automatically adjusts to the individual learner. 

Creating Coding Careers is counting on Coding Rooms for the long haul.

 “We like the features and the direction that the Coding Rooms team is going, and feel the platform is going to meet our demands in the future.” 

Coding Rooms benefits for Creating Coding Careers: 

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