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Coding Rooms Product Update (November 5th)

Updates on our conferencing functionalities:

November 5, 2020
Sasha Varlamov

Hi there,

We hope that you’ve been enjoying teaching with Coding Rooms! As you might’ve heard from us previously, we’ve had version 2 (“V2”) of our conferencing platform in the works for over a month. The reason for this update is that, after a successful period of opt-in usage, this morning from 4:30AM EST, Thurs, Nov 5 onwards, the default option for new classrooms will be to use this new conferencing system.

Classrooms created before then are not affected and will remain on the legacy conferencing system unless updated to use the new system via the classroom edit page. Overall stability, UI/UX, and stream quality has markedly improved, so despite a slight feature gap, we have decided it’s best for new users to start with this system. In this post, I will explain how to disable the V2 (to use the legacy system), the feature gap, and our timelines moving forward.

The feature gap (features not yet supported by V2, with implementation timelines):

* Recording (Nov 16)

* Mute a specific student (Nov 16 – currently you can mute and/or disable cameras for all students (​articles/2305946-mute-others-​with-shh-mode))

* Polling (TBD)

* Conferencing breakout rooms (TBD)

* Presentation sharing (TBD – currently this can be done via screen share in the V2 (​articles/1194420-how-to-​screen-share-on-a-computer))

To use the legacy conferencing system:

Please toggle the “Legacy Conferencing” button to on (green - filled in). This will be saved to the configuration, so the next time that you create a classroom this will be left in your most recently used position.

More help docs for V2 conferencing users:
Connection issues:​en/articles/2303117-top-​troubleshooting-5-tips-that-​solve-99-of-issues



We will also be integrating these help docs directly into the interface so that students with connection issues can troubleshoot on their own and you will always have a quick reference handy too!

We plan to continue offering and supporting our legacy conferencing system for the foreseeable future. We will begin considering (and communicating) dropping support for it once the feature gap has been closed, and we’ve spoken with each user of the legacy system who reaches out to us. We will not stop supporting the legacy version until every user to the best of our knowledge has successfully migrated and is pleased with what we’ve built with the V2.

We hope you’re enjoying Coding Rooms and we welcome all your feedback on the new conferencing update. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or live support chat if you have any questions! Thank you for using Coding Rooms!

Best regards,

Coding Rooms Team


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Sasha Varlamov
Sasha Varlamov

Coding Rooms
Founder & CEO

November 5, 2020

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