Creating your virtual classroom with Coding Rooms takes just three steps and fewer than 30-seconds! Follow along with Sasha Varlamov, creator of Coding Rooms, as he explains the process in the brief video below!

In summary, to create a virtual classroom on Coding Rooms:

  • Click “Schedule New” from the sidebar
  • Select the virtual classroom type that you would like to use. For most users, we suggest using the “Virtual Classroom with Coding Support” to have the full coding environment and IDE supports. For classrooms that do not require coding features, you may use the plain “Virtual Classroom” option.
  • Enter any classroom configuration you require (such as scheduled time, etc.) and click “Schedule Classroom”

That’s it, you’ve created your first classroom with Coding Rooms! If you have any further questions or concerns regarding classroom creation, please contact us via the live chat support action button in the bottom right hand corner of our site.