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Advanced, all-in-one learning platform that
efficiently scales with your learners and needs.

Loved and trusted by leading developer training organizations around the world including -

Why rely on Coding Rooms for coding and tech training?

Greater ROI

Coding Rooms replaces -

in-house set up, maintenance and ongoing development
custom virtual machines and IDEs
running instances on your own cloud servers
running multiple apps
monitoring security 24x7
and more!

with a powerful all-in-one platform that is continuously improved (visit our changelog to see what we mean).

Save time, resources and money.

Ready to Go Content & Environments

Leading Developer Training Organizations Use Coding Rooms

Virtual learning and instructional technology (VLIT) for coding and tech training at scale. Read the case studies:

Laurel Staab
Senior Learning Designer

“We’re implementing Coding Rooms as a platform for apprentices’ asynchronous study, using videos on the platform to introduce new concepts, multiple-choice questions to make sure they understand the material, and an embedded IDE to practice coding. Coaches observe the data and monitor progress.”

Read the Case Study

Brooke Walters
Academic STEM Learning Consultant

“Instructors can work with the actual code to demonstrate their lessons, while learners can follow along. You don’t have to have multiple applications running at the same time.”

Read the Case Study

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